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Welcome to The Dog Kid, a blog created to share experiences with my dog kid, Zax.  Look around, enjoy and ask questions

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Live Edge Table

I picked up 2 live edge slabs off facebook market place. Next, I clamped them together and tried to level them out. I used shims as...

Pizza oven base structure DIY

This is both of our first times doing this project but we agreed on a generalized plan of cinder block ”walls” and a concrete slab up top...

Dog water bowl rain collector

materials: I got a trash can, a bungee, some screen mesh, thread tape and a rain barrel spigot online (see pic below) steps: I screwed a...

Stick Library

I saw a picture of a man making a stick library for a dog park and copied his idea with some modifications materials needed: screws 7 -...

DIY hurdles

I thought it would be fun to build just some 12” jumps since Zax is still young. This was super easy. Supplies: to make 1. Multiply by...

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Vancouver, WA

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