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Stick Library

I saw a picture of a man making a stick library for a dog park and copied his idea with some modifications

materials needed:


7 - 6’ cedar boards


drill with predrill and proper bit for screws used

miter saw (can use circle saw)

table saw (can use circle saw)

wood engraver


1. I cut 2 boards in half at 3’ each for my long ends

2. I repeated but then cut them in half again, resulting in 4 1.5’ pieces for the short ends

3. I repeated this 2nd step but then tore them in half with the table saw for the corners. You can clamp and use a circle saw if you don’t have a table saw available

4. I predrilled and screwed the corners together and then put the long ends in, followed by the short

5. I engraved a piece for the front with my dogs name and made a top piece (optional)

Final result:

And happy dog

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