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Live Edge Table

I picked up 2 live edge slabs off facebook market place. Next, I clamped them together and tried to level them out. I used shims as needed. I used little pieces of wood when on the edges to preserve the live edge and not clamp directly to it. Once I felt good about the "dry run", I took the clamps off and tried to replicate after adding glue to the edge.

My sawhorses have notches in the ends that allowed me to put the wood vertically in it to apply glue easily. I put tape on the saw horse where the connection would be to prevent it from glueing to the saw horse.

I then attached the pieces and worked on clamping as level and closely as possible. The next day, I removed the clamps. The wood says it only takes 30min but I clamped late so just waited until the next day. The final cure time stated to be 24hr. At this point, I flipped and began filling all the holes with epoxy. I put painters tape on the top and filled the hole from the bottom to allow a smooth top. The epoxy only takes 5min to cure. The next step is to sand and seal it.

I cut the edges to be more even and because one of my pieces had a stain. I used a circle saw so cut from the bottom. I put in a new blade for a nice cut

I then moved the table into the house due the temperature in the garage being too cold for the tung oil to set right. I did 3 layers on the top and still trying to decide if going to do the bottom. Let me know your thoughts! It is thick cedar and will sit on 2 wine barrels for legs.

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