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Dog water bowl rain collector

materials: I got a trash can, a bungee, some screen mesh, thread tape and a rain barrel spigot online (see pic below)


steps: I screwed a few holes on the lid and hot glued the mesh piece on top to avoid pine needles from getting in as I have a lot of leaves and pine in my yard. I then drilled the hole at bottom for the spigot. I attached the spigot using the thread tape. Lastly, I put a bungee on the top to prevent it from falling off I set it outside on some cinder blocks to give it height to open into a dog bowl. It’s a super easy project and it’s filled up twice since yesterday so a great way to utilize free water. I’m excited to not need to drag out the hose or go inside, having endless free water for the dogs! give it a try and let me know what you think

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