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Coldwater Lake - Christmas Eve 🎄

We started the morning off with missing a flight due to the vet forgetting an initial on one of zaxs pages. We went home and napped and then tried to go to the Oregon side of the gorge for a 10 mile angels + devils rest loop but were stopped by a road closure for mudslides. On quick thought I thought of going down 504 and walking the usual drivable road but when I got there, I found a no dog, no walking sign pretty quickly on the gate. I thought I was going be out of luck and that I hadn’t hit Coldwater lake but somehow on the turn around I mysteriously saw a Coldwater lake 1/2 Mile sign and was thrilled to get some running in before sunset. We went a little under 2 miles and hit some water that I didn’t feel like crossing in the shoes I had on and without poles so turned around and played at some beaches. We practiced balancing on logs and stumps with one big log fail into the cold water, Zax quickly learning where it gets his name but he recovered quickly

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