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Thanksgiving weekend in NOLA

First flight as an emotional support animal and went smoothly. We first did a red eye and so Zax slept. He was a little crazy on the leash on the layover but an antler kept him under control. We rode glass elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks and high fived. He’s really starting to do a good job with caregiver of his tricks in different environments which is exciting. I attached some pictures and videos from the weekend. New Orleans wasn’t the party Zax expected due to covid but we did have some fun in the rain trying to find off leash areas to runnnn. The first day he fell in the swamp and the second day we got a bunch of ticks, luckily most didn’t attach and those that did died since he’s on meds but we also got lots of field trips to the pet store while traveling 😜

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