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South sister summit


This is another one that I last minute decided to rover Zax. It was a hard decision but with the leash law in place I was worried he would either pull me down the loose volcanic rock or risk hurting his paws. This is a well known trail 12.2mi and 49,000’ of elevation. This was the first time I’ve seen the top glacier melted out which was really cool. We had a group of 4 and made some awesome memories. We took our time getting t up there taking 5hr up and 3hr down. It was probably 40deg at the top and a little hazy from forest fires but the views and experience didn’t disappoint. I did see a bunch of pups on the way down in the meadow and not sure if they summitted . I’m on the fence if right decision for Zax but seemed to be the right decision for us. I think it comes down to knowing your dog and it’s limitations on different surfaces on its paws or how it’s affected by weather etc

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