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Hex Mountain


I had done this hike for the first time back in February on snowshoes but this was a very different experience in the rainy fall season. For starters, there were way less people. We did manage to see some larches still golden which was exciting! We did 7.6 miles and 2600' elevation. At one point, it started to snow right before we hit the top ridge which was also exciting. This hike does start on gravel roads and they appear to be starting to build more out there so be aware of that. You have to park down near the road and walk up. The last half or so is on a real trail but you do occasionally cross the road. We had to be cautious of motorized recreation with the pup. Feel free to look back at my last Hex Mountain post if you're interested in the comparison or message if you have any questions about when and how to do this hike. It's a good one if you're in the area

Video: Tired or loving the attention? You decide!

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