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Memorial Day weekend


We planned to walk in the west side of wynoochie lake/ dam a little over 2 miles and find a spot on the river but didn’t realize the gate would be open so ended up parking and just walking ~1/2 mile and found a pretty spot. We brought the big 4 person tent so had plenty of room. Zax slept in his dog sleeping bag for the first time which was nice for us. We hiked around 6 miles or so on Saturday. Aside from the very beginning part to the maidenhair waterfall, it was all pretty flat but very overgrown and not maintained. On Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast. We went and looked at the lake and decided to head east to hoodsport. We drove up mt ellinor and hiked the winter route, stopping right below the chute since we didn’t have the snow gear necessary to make it up and checked out the view there. We then went paddle boarding (see lake cushman SUP post) and spent the night in the car on national forest land before having to work Monday 😜

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