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Glacier peak wilderness


We headed in from Phelps creek trailhead, starting around 9pm on a Friday after work. We found a nice campsite around midnight at the beginning of the meadow. The stars were beautiful. We were surprised to wake up to a downpour. We decided to still continue up. It rained all the way up spider gap and we were rewarded with the clouds clearing right as we crossed towards upper Lyman lake. We accidentally continued up when we were supposed to go down but we got even more views and then headed down when we realized. We found another good campsite and set up and got water. We decided to walk further up towards cloudy pass. We didn’t go all the way, just enjoyed an afternoon walk without our backpacks on. We woke up to more rain so I stayed in the tent and Jer and Zax went on a walk. We decided to head down a little late which turned out to be a great decision as the rain stopped against bud the clouds opened on the opposite side of spider gap allowing us to see all the views we had missed the day prior. It was hard due to weather but so glad we continued on. Note: this hike requires traversing snow. Microspikes worked perfect for us. Very dog friendly! Would love to go back to this area

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