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Stuck inside? What to do?!

Ideas I've found of things to do when you have a very active dog and it's late during daylight savings or experiencing bad weather or just plain tired yourself. Here's some things I've done that have proven to be successful. Please add to the list to share below in the comments

  1. Walk - Lowes, Home Depot, Petco, Wilco

  2. Puzzles - I hide treats under tennis balls in a muffin pan and make him find them under. There are plenty for purchase that are more challenging if your pup has mastered

  3. Puppy pushups - Command "sit" > "down" > "sit" > "down", etc on repetition with treats for commands if still learning

  4. Find your treat - place treats in an obstacle. I use a pipe with ends from a hardware store and put treats in it and he works to get them out

  5. Hide and Seek - if your dog knows the stay command, you can play around the house and is very stimulating

  6. Learn a new trick - I often youtube a new trick to mentally stimulate

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