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“Pretty as a Peter Pan Pirate” — Park Meadow > Golden Lake > Broken Top —


This weekend was a little crazy. When our friend came down with COVID, we had to make the decision to do the originally planned Broken Top loop or come up with a new plan. Jeremy was having some knee pain after a work injury so we decided on a new plan to "take it easy". We found the lesser known Golden Lake on our Gaia map and set out as that as our destination to spend the night and relax, a simple 6.5-7mi from Park Meadow trailhead. We headed out there and set up camp and hung out by the lake for ~2 hours and started itching to get onto Broken Top. We packed our bags again, leaving our tent and non-essentials and headed up to Broken Top not realizing the journey we had begun. It ended up being 10mi to the top which we timed perfectly for sunset. We then made the trek down another 10mi in the dark at which point Zax was getting exhausted but we made it back with the help of our headlamps and glow sticks and it was all worthwhile :)

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