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Edison snow park


Have you ever felt like nothing around you could go any better? That’s about how today’s hike was. The weather forecast was basically just cloudy and I woke up at 5am and moved my car to the trailhead, crawled in the back bed with Zax and woke up to the sun rising. The snow was perfect snd then it got better. The sun stayed out but it started snowing. It was warm/ comfortable with fresh snow falling and getting vitamin D for the first time in a long time not out of a pill bottle. We did the loop that was listed as difficult but was only 500’ elevation and 5 miles so wasn’t difficult. It kept us away from the snowmobilers. We had the trail to ourselves for the most part aside from the mile from the shelter. Some people were in the shelter building a fire. Anyway, great day. Lots of pics and videos!

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