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Tent Camping 101


I got to a campsite late at night after work and worried about Zax's energy after a long drive and being Rover-ed all day while I was at work. We went to the Blue River area in Oregon where there are a lot of car camping spots that don't require reservation in the summer where other areas are more crowded and booked. We literally ran LAPS around the parking lot after finding a spot. Zax fell asleep while I was cooking my dinner and I was thrilled this was going to be a breeze. Tip: I put the loop of his leash on my trailer hitch while I pitched the tent so he wouldn't be able to go anywhere and I'd have free hands. I got him in the tent and all settled. Not an hour later, he started frantically moving about. I thought he was spooked so tried to calm him down. Long story short, he had to pee and was trying to be a good boy. They say "mothers instinct" but I had no idea why he was acting crazy and scratching at the zipper of the tent. Once he went, he came back in with me and slept like a baby. Aren't puppies the cutest when they are sleeping?? Since it was the first time spending an overnight and he still had one more vaccination needed to be fully vaccinated, I kept him on a tight leash the entire trip to keep him from eating/drinking the wrong things and we just did one quick night. We did some hikes the next morning and then drove back. Lots of treats and rewards and we had a great time! Also so glad we checked out this area as 2 weeks later a lot of his was burned in a wildfire

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