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Xev.Bellringer.-.My.Sons.Touch..1080p..60fps. ((BETTER))

bellringer.armed with an arsenal of weapons, you must act quickly to save your city from a ruthless dictator in this top-down, first-person shooting game. go anywhere on the screen, shoot anything, and avoid the dictators endless army of goons. if you dont survive the onslaught, your brother will take your place.


make the most of the hand-drawn/2d graphics style to defeat the dictator and save the citizens. and for those who appreciate action-packed, twitchy games that suit their tastes, can be played at any time you will not get bored!

use your galaxynote to get in touch with your boys. this is your own personal video tool. you can record, play, pause, fast-forward or rewind, all the functions of a typical video player. but your touch is also important - you can move your galaxynote like a sony ericsson walkman and also get digital zoom. and it's great with your life. as long as you have your sons in close proximity, you can record their every move. sure they're jumping, tripping and falling, but to the galaxynote, it's a perfectly normal life event. as soon as they say "i'm fine" or "are you going to put me in my room?" you can go back to the main menu. you can quickly choose another picture from your favorite album. and then, in a matter of seconds, the boy's face and the rest of the background are back in focus. all because of your galaxynote, the only children's digital camera where quality and speed are combined in a perfect blend.

the bad news is that xev.bellringer is working on a port to android. the badder news is that he found an old 720p x264 copy of the game so he hasnt really started porting yet. but hopefully he will. if you want to have a crack at it yourself its in the github repository for xev.bellringer and i suggest you find the emulator settings and optimize them for android. there are a lot of settings to change but they are all really simple. there are a few places you might want to look at first, one is the renderer/settings.xml , another is the launchengine.cpp .


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