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Barbarian (2022)2022

Barbarian is a 2022 American horror thriller film[5] written and directed by Zach Cregger in his solo screen writing and directorial debut. It is produced by Arnon Milchan, Roy Lee, Raphael Margules, and J.D. Lifshitz. The film stars Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long. The plot sees a woman find out that the rental home she reserved has been accidentally double-booked by a man, not knowing of a dark secret within the dwelling.

Barbarian (2022)2022

Barbarian was originally scheduled to be theatrically released in the United States by 20th Century Studios on August 12, 2022, before being rescheduled to be released on August 31, and later September 9.[17][18] Disney reportedly maintained a theatrical release for Barbarian (as opposed to a streaming release on Hulu) due to strong, positive reception from studio test screenings.[19][3]

CinemaBlend and AMC Theatres premiered the film at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con on July 22, where it garnered positive reactions.[20][21] The film was also screened at the Arrow Video FrightFest on August 29.[22] The film was released on October 20, 2022 in Australia, on October 27 in New Zealand, and on October 28 in the United Kingdom.[23]

In the United States, Barbarian was released on digital download and to stream on HBO Max beginning on October 25. It was also released on Star+ in Latin America and on Disney+ as part of the Star content hub in other international territories on October 26, 2022[24]

The film was released on Disney+ as part of the Star content hub in the United Kingdom on December 14, 2022. A soundtrack album for the film featuring score by Anna Drubich was released by Hollywood Records on December 9, 2022.[25]

The first trailer for Barbarian was released on June 23, 2022, and appeared at the front of theatrical showings of The Black Phone.[18][26] According to Margules, Disney marketed the film to "feel like a discovery" and teasing very little of the film's plot in promotional materials.[3]

According to the streaming aggregator Reelgood, Barbarian was the fifth most watched program across all platforms, during the week of October 26, 2022.[28][29] According to Whip Media, Barbarian was the most streamed film across all platforms in the United States, during the week ending October 30, 2022,[30] and the sixth during the week ending November 13, 2022.[31] According to the streaming aggregator JustWatch, Barbarian was the second most streamed film across all platforms in the United States, during the week of October 31, 2022, to November 6, 2022.[32]

The film is one of the media that received the ReFrame Stamp for the years 2022 to 2023. The stamp is awarded by the gender equity coalition ReFrame and industry database IMDbPro for film and television projects that are proven to have gender-balanced hiring, with stamps being awarded to projects that hire female-identifying people, especially women of color, in four out of eight key roles for their production.[37][38]

Barbarian is a horror film written and directed by Zach Cregger, releasing in 2022. Tess Marshall arrives at her reserved rental house only to discover that it has been accidentally double-booked with a man. Worse still, she has no clue of the dark secret within the dwelling.

As the year comes to an end, now is the time to reflect on the horror releases of 2022. The horror universe got blessed with some great additions this year with the release of many new fan favorites. The variety spans from "fun and comedic" to "dark, gritty, and dramatic" horror films. There's something for every mood.

If you're looking for shocks and scares or want to build on your horror flick repertoire, we have you covered. 2022 was a fantastic year for horror films, so be sure to check out these while gearing up for 2023.

By popular demand, the Unenthusiastic Critic's 2022 Halloween Movie Marathon comes to an end with our first viewing of a new horror classic, Zach Cregger's Barbarian (2022), starring Georgina Chapman, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long.

The perfect phrase to describe the kind of terror that unravels in Barbarian (2022) is incremental, with occasional reroutes. Across the tight 90+ minutes of its runtime, this slick horror movie switches gears multiple times, and with each shift, Barbarian (2022) becomes more frightening. For this to work, Cregger relies heavily on all the cinematic weaponry at hand he and his team can conjure up.

Written and directed by Zach Cregger, the new film, BARBARIAN (2022), was released on September 9th, 2022 to general US audiences. The movie received very favorable reviews by critics and went on to gross $35.8M USD against a budget of $4M USD. With an interesting premise of a double booked AirBNB, the movie turns into something much different as it enters its second act. 041b061a72


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