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Kindle Serial Number Blacklist Ip

Changing the serial number with jailbreak doesn't seem to work, if the serial number has been changed there are two possible results: the number it was changed to is in Amazon's database already, the Amazon system will blacklist that number (killing both devices), or the number it was changed to is not in Amazon's database, the Amazon system will blacklist it.

Kindle Serial Number Blacklist Ip

As of Android 10, apps cannot obtain permission to access non-resettable hardware identifiers such as the serial number, MAC addresses, IMEIs/MEIDs, SIM card serial numbers and subscriber IDs. Only privileged apps included in the base system with READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE whitelisted can access these hardware identifiers. Apps targeting Android 10 will receive a SecurityException and older apps will receive an empty value for compatibility.

Since these restrictions became standard, GrapheneOS only makes a small change to remove a legacy form of access to the serial number by legacy apps, which was still around for compatibility. It used to need more extensive changes such as disallowing access to the serial number but those restrictions are now standard.

While sharing your serial number with company executives who will help you repair or replace the device is completely fine, one should abstain from sharing any such information on social media channels.

Getting listed in the ISP's own blacklist sometimes can a lot problematic than being listed in the third partly RBLs, mainly due to strict policies they use to filter spams and they don't go easy on emails who don't comply with their email policies. Mailbox services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook are one of the largest MSPs and provides inboxing to most of the number of people in the world, so you want to be on the good side of these services.


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