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We Got Love

What we love about this direction is that even the end logo was able to tell a story about a family and the positive impact that additional child care can bring into their lives. Nestled in the logo we watch the aftercare scene unfold and our cute, kinetic typography takes us through the messaging in a playful way.

We Got Love

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In an Instagram post in 2020, Teyana Taylor, who has released three albums since 2014, revealed that she would be retiring from the music industry after feeling as though she had not been appreciated by Kanye West's G.O.O.D. record label and the rest of the music industry. "I ain't [gonna] front, in times of feeling super under-appreciated as [an] artist, receiving little to no real push from the 'machine,' constantly getting the shorter end of the stick, being overlooked, I mean the list on and on lol ... I'm retiring this chapter of my story with the comfort that I can depart with peace of mind seeing that all the hard work & passion put in was indeed loved & supported somewhere in the world!," Taylor said in an Instagram post. 041b061a72


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