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[S1E11] Haven [NEW]

What did you think of "Luke vs. Emperor Palpatine - Rise to Evil," the eleventh episode of the Star Wars Kids series Galaxy of Adventures? Share your thoughts below! Watch it here if you haven't seen it yet.

[S1E11] Haven

Adam Whitman, unshaven and dressed in a dirty suit, hands a shoe box to a hotel manager and asks him to mail it for him. The package is addressed to "Donild Draper" at 405 Madison Avenue. It costs 40 cents, but Adam hands the man a 5 dollar bill.

Jonah then shows up, which worries Peg as they haven't started the cake yet. However, they quickly make it. Tessa then suggests putting on blueberries and strawberries, having heard from Jonah's sister that he likes them. Cat drops the blueberries on, but Peg thinks they should be put on more intricately. They then put gloves on but Cat does not know how to decorate in a pattern. Peg defines a pattern and they put the berries on in order of two blueberries, one strawberry, repeat. The last strawberry ends up on Cat's head.

We're engaging in multiple direction conversations. And individuals can help amplify news or not news, in some cases, even have a greater ability to do that, then news organizations do. So, the whole nature of how information is created, actually, that haven't even talked about that. The fact that we all can create information and share it on our phones at a moment's notice, you know. So, the way that information is created, distributed shared, in a digital world, is different from the analog world. And there are, you know, just a variety of skills and competencies required in that realm, that, you know, maybe their foundations live in the physical world, but it's just, it's a very different experience. Engaging with information online, and part of what I do is look at the fact that we are actually never really formally trained to engage with media in that realm. We just sort of have all learned it by doing. Which means that we've got a lot of sort of, like homegrown habits at this point, some better than others.

Kristy Roschke: I really doubt that and I will tell you that I have a couple of friends in which I have a very long Twitter DM going and patrol features prominently in that DM thread. So, I'm going, I haven't, I will admit to that I have not listened to the Paw Patrol episode yet, but I will listen and I will share earnestly with my fellow Paw Patrol fans. 041b061a72


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