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Exceed On Demand [REPACK] Download Windows

We have an Office 365 for Education tenant and have been migrating users from our file servers to OneDrive with Files On Demand. Recently we have been finding files and folders being downloaded even though our OneDrive default is set to "Save space and download files as you use them" via group policy. In a few instances we have had users come in to work to find "out of disk space" messages when they log in. If we right-click a folder and select "Free up space" the files return to placeholders temporarily, then start downloading again with SearchProtocolHost.exe listed under the file being downloaded in the OneDrive status box (see screen clip below). This is happening both with folders/files in users' individual storage and in shared storage in Office 365 groups. Some of our groups have very large amounts of data that exceed the capacity of their local hard drives, which is why we waited for Files on Demand before we started this migration. We can't continue until this is solved. We are running Windows 10 Version 1803 (Build 10.0.17134.228) and OneDrive 18.151.0729.0006. We have discovered that disabling and stopping the Windows Search service stops the download problem, but obviously this is not an acceptable solution.

Exceed On Demand Download Windows

Does this happen for only PDF files? I've never had issues with the search index forcing a download of "on demand" files, however I've seen other software causing issues (including some of the built-in Windows apps). You have an option to "block" such programs as detailed here: -us/help/4042378/windows-10-automatic-file-download-notifications

I have three customers with the same issue, and myself. One I found was a Dell optimization tool that had Antivirus built into it. Each time the antivirus touched the file on demand it would download it. I have a couple open tickets with MS, but nothing resolved yet.

Quite sure that the antivirus are not files on demand compatible. Quick out of my head I see 4 ways of fixing it. Number one and the best, use built in windows defender instead. Windows defender are now on of the best AV, had a bad rep for a while but totaly trustworthy know and free. Number 2, get a newer version of AV or another vendor. Number 3 exclude the path to the onedriver folders, this might be risky since the files will not be scanned regularary, but most AV would scan them while they are being downloaded and for sure when been runned. Number 4, select only necessary folders to be synced and keep everything downloaded

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