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The many buds of the pussy willow make it a favourite flower for Chinese New Year. The fluffy white blossoms of the pussy willow resemble silk, and they soon give forth young shoots the colour of green jade. In Chinese tradition, this represents the coming of prosperity.[1] Towards the Lunar New Year period in spring, stalks of the plant may be bought from wet market vendors or supermarkets.

Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox; Ruthenian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Bavarian, and Austrian Roman Catholics; Finnish and Baltic Lutherans and Orthodox; and various other Eastern European peoples carry pussy willows on Palm Sunday instead of palm branches. This custom has continued to this day among Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Romanian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Ruthenian Catholic, Ukrainian Catholic, Kashubian Catholic and Polish Catholic émigrés to North America. Sometimes, on Palm Sunday they will bless both palms and pussy willows in church. The branches will often be preserved throughout the year in the family's icon corner.[4]

Pussy Willow, a children's book by Margaret Wise Brown (1951), tells the story of a grey "pussycat not much bigger than a pussywillow", who names himself Pussy Willow after the catkins he finds around him in Spring.[7] When the catkins disappear with the passing of the season, he goes in search of them, asking each different kind of animal he encounters where he might find them. The animals all answer from their own perspective. Up in the air, says the butterfly; under a leaf, says the squirrel. Pussy Willow finally finds them a year later when Spring comes around again. The original edition was illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.[8]

In the 1971 book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, the character Imogene Herdman argues with a girl named Alice over which of them will play the Virgin Mary in their school's upcoming Christmas pageant. Imogene threatens to stick a pussy willow down Alice's ear where no one would be able to reach it, and says: "And it'll sit there and grow and grow and grow. So for the rest of your life, there'll be a pussy willow bush growing out of your ear."[9]

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I slowly started to fuck my niece. For about 30 min I fucked her tight pussy. She told me she felt like she needed to pee again. Like when I had my tongue down there. I told her it was okay. And we both orgamsed at the same time.

When I was about 10 yo, my uncle (35 yo) used to teach me swimming. He used to try me float with his strong on my chest and lower tummy. I did enjoy his hands touching on me sensitive places. I could swim after sometime but faked that I needed more training by him. He must have understood my intention and stroked my pussy area twinkling my budding nips. By the age of 11 I laid myself good for him to enjoy (and me too).

Sleep plays an important part in our moods. When your child is tired, she may be cranky, irritated, more emotional, and less likely to think through her decisions. Therefore, it is very important for children to get enough sleep. As a pre-teen, your child should be getting at least 9-12 hours of sleep a night.

Some women don't choose to be criminals; they have it thrust upon them, especially in a theocratic society like Iran's. Jafar Panahi's The Circle (which won the top prizes at the Venice and Montreal fests) is a bold, sensitive view of women ex-convicts in the Islamic Republic. Over one long evening we follow half a dozen women, each of whom has been imprisoned, or may soon be, for such "crimes" as riding in a car with a man not her husband. Panahi's previous films, The White Balloon and The Mirror, were sunnier fables of little girls bereft on the streets of Tehran. Now he reveals, with unflinching sympathy, how a female of any age can be lost in a man's world. That the authorities allowed Panahi to make this film may testify to the nation's budding progressivism, but it has yet to be shown in Iran.

At the Toronto festival, anything can be shown. Canadian films too. And the two most prominent were about women: Denys Arcand's Stardom, an O.K. faux-documentary satire about the rise of a supermodel, and Ginger Snaps, a smart horror comedy written by Karen Walton and directed by John Fawcett. Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) and her sister Brigitte (Emily Perkins) are 15-year-old freaks in a pretty Ontario town. They both hate high school ("I'd rather wait it out in my room," Brigitte sulks), and the feeling is mutual. One night Ginger is bitten by a strange beast — a werewolf, of course — and grows more empowered and bristly with each rising of the moon. The film is sharpest in its first reels, when it busts clichs about school bullies and prisses, less so when the gore scenes kick in. But savor those fiercely acted scenes of sororal love and adolescent loathing; they're worth comparing to the all-time teen anxiety comedy, Heathers. 041b061a72


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