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Bmw Dvd In Motion Software 349

De NavInc AV-interface can be extended with operating software which enables to control the connected DVD player or DVB-T tuner through the original steering wheel and radio controls. Legal information:

bmw dvd in motion software 349

The driver ofthe vehicle should not be inferred from the motion images. In many countries, watching movies while driving is prohibited. Therefore we accept no responsibility for material or personal injuries, directly or indirectly, due to installation of the interface modules. Interface and Software basic information:

The NavInc interfaces are no navigation systems or screens to replace the navigation system. The NavInc interfaces enable the possibilities to connect different Audio/Video sources to the navigation system. Manufacturers create adjusted software and hardware versions, options and enhancements which ensures that the compatibility of the products cannot be guaranteed 100%. Compatibility lists are based on customer feedback and experiences and will constantly be updated for optimal customer support. The functioning of the interfaces may be influenced by software updates from the manufacturer/dealers. In such cases we will provide a software update for this interfaces (not applicable for all products) within one year after invoice date. The costs for (de)-installation of the interface must be paid by the customer and the interface must be supplied to us. Car manufacturers create adjusted versions of software and updates without having informed third parties about it. We therefore recommend to not update the car if not necessary.

The following is provided:- NavInc AV interface IF-BMW-E65 - Cable set - Installation and operating instructions - One year software warranty - Warranty - Invoice

Note:- Only in combination iDrive Professional CCC without "MENU" button.- Original TV tuner must be removed if present.- If original TV tuner is present "TV-BMW-CCC" use cable kit (optional)- Automatic activation of the camera input is only possible on interface level.- TV icon can only be activated in combination with the TV release module: "TFI-BMW-E65TV"- Activation of the TV icon in the iDrive menu via the interfaces depends on the software version of the car. If activation is not possible via the interface, the OBD TV icon activator must be used separately.- Control only possible in combination with iDrive menu button and TFI-BMW-E65TV- Preserved with Nightvision.- Retains original rear view camera- If OEM TV tuner + Rear Entertainment use additional RGB interface.


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