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Welcome to The Dog Kid, a blog created to share experiences with my dog kid, Zax.  Look around, enjoy and ask questions

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Eastern Oregon

9/5/2020 We took a trip out to meet some vanlifers in the Alvord desert. It was 100deg and then very windy so was quite the weekend. ...

Tent Camping 101

8/31/20 I got to a campsite late at night after work and worried about Zax's energy after a long drive and being Rover-ed all day while I...

Saaaannnddd - Oregon Coast

8/23/2020 Our first beach trip! We started in Cannon Beach and ended in Lincoln City. The thing about small pups is they need lots of...

Vizsla meetup - Vancouver, WA

8/15/2020 Just like it sounds, Zax went to a vizsla meetup. It was so much fun to socialize him with other Vizsla’s. We hope to continue...

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Vancouver, WA

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