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Gorge-ous morning hike!


We decided to stay a little closer to home and out of the snow after yesterdays hike so we went up Hamilton mountain. This was technically zaxs first summit I think. Don’t know if Tom dick and Harry counted yesterday. Anyway, the first 1-2 miles, Zax was wanting to say hi to the dog in front of us that wasn’t friendly so the first fork we came to, we went the opposite way. Because of this, I had to keep a little closer eye on the map to make sure I knew where we were to create a loop. It ended up being really nice. Wide trail through the forest on way up and didn’t see a single person which was a nice change of pace from the highly populated Hamilton trail. We then had views the whole way down when we could slow down and were a little more tired. Hopefully the pics speak for themself. We had a blast and have been resting since


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