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Devils TH to Lewis Glacier


We drove to Bend after work on Friday 11/12 and slept at the trailhead in the Jeep camper. We planned to get up at 4am and get an early start as the morning was supposed to be clear. When waking up and hearing rain, we continued to reset our alarms hour by hour and access. Raining until 7am, we didn't get up until 7:30am. It was sunny with some clouds most the way up and down but once we hit the lake by Lewis Glacier, it began to really sock us in. We walked up along the ridge before hitting the next glacier and spoke with some skiers on trail and we decided to turn back with no views in the foreseeable future and a shivering dog. We put a human vest under the dogs coat and added his new tall voyager K9 boots. This really seemed to help and glad we brought them. We decided to try our snowshoes down after micro-spiking up. We played on the way down, creating our own trail and getting a little further from people going up and down the rolling hills. All in all, it was a good day. I will definitely be back to summit in the snow on a clear day but all the efforts is what makes it worth it when you get it. We finished at a 10mi, 3500' elevation day.



Fun sliding down the mountain

Getting windy

My favorite spot

Practicing with the snowshoes

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