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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Can I get a vizsla if I work full-time?

It is important ro recognize Vizslas require a ton of activity and attention and a good breeder will ensure you undrrstand what is involved before you can get one. That being said, I work a standard 40hr week so had to get creative. In the weeks before Zax was vaccinated, I used Rover to find new people to care for him each day. This also doubled as socializing as he was very timid when I first got him around new people. He quickly grew out of that so that was good. Since he has gotten fully vaccinated, I enrolled him in a doggy daycare that he goes M-F.

Where does your dog go when you are at work?

I use Wet Nose and Wagging Tails doggy daycare. While it adds ~20min each way to my commute, they have the facility, staff and price that cant be beat. I do the monthly unlimited which works really well for me. Zax loves it and comes home tired which makes evenings much easier on both of us.

What do you feed your dog?

Zax eats "Taste of the Wild" Pacific Salmon puppy food right now. Through research I found it to be good for active dogs. It's a grain-free recipe and within my budget. I would love to try more of the freeze dried raw food with him but it is much more pricy. Either are good choices

How much do you feed your dog?

Being a very active dog, I do not limit his food. That being said, he's not fed at daycare. The first month I paid for "lunches" because he wasn't on a good schedule of eating in the morning and I didn't want him to go until night without eating but once I got him to eat in the morning, I cancelled the lunches. If he goes by the bowl, I fill it up. He usually eats 1-2 cups in the morning and then 1-2 cups in the car when I pick him up. We generally go do something active and then he has 2+ cups in the evening. He's a growing boy! I also give him lots of training treats and he lovessss it when I top his food with TruDog BoostMe which is a freeze dried topper. If he doesn't have much of an appetite, this always helps. He's still slightly on the underweight side so until he stops growing and starts gaining weight, this is what I'm doing

What do you do for your vizsla in winter?/ Where did you get that coat?

So this is Zax‘s first winter and he already proves to be a much different dog than my last. He gets cold and I want him to love it so I gave in and bought him a coat. He lovesss it! No regrets. I might look into a more waterproof one for longer snowshoes but for now it’s really doing the iob and he seems instantly more comfortable when I put it on him. The link is below for what I’m using:

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