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Forced perspective in film is often used to depict fantasy worlds in which humans are either much larger or smaller than other actors. In forced perspective photography, the camera can create interesting visual effects allowing humans to interact with objects or other subjects in otherwise impossible ways. An example of this is an individual stepping on the Eiffel Tower.

Home Nuse Forced mp4

Lord of the Rings forced perspective is specifically notable because it demanded a ton of manipulation not only in the positioning of the actors but also in the prop building, and the moving forced perspective it required.

When it comes to using this technique for still images, generating unique perspectives, is really up to you and your imagination. Below are some forced perspective ideas to get you started, and spark some creativity.

To do so, you need to refresh your library's metadata. Locate the library you want to refresh in the list on the left-hand side of the Plex home screen. Click the three horizontal dots to access the context menu, then go to Manage Library > Refresh All Metadata. 041b061a72


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