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The World's Most Dangerous Secret Societies: Th...

In 1907, the Seattle Republican reported on the Order of Elks, writing that "it is claimed by members and officers that it is one of the most thriving secret societies among Afro-Americans of this city." According to the non-profit African American Registry, the fraternal order was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1899 after two black men were denied admission to the Benelovent and Protective Order of Elks of the World, which is still popular today and, despite questions raised on discriminative practices, now allows any American citizen, 21 years or older, who believes in God to be invited to join its ranks.

The World's Most Dangerous Secret Societies: Th...

Many student societies established on university campuses in the United States have been considered secret societies. Perhaps one of the most famous secret collegiate societies is Skull and Bones at Yale University.[19] The influence of undergraduate secret societies at colleges such as Harvard College, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Emory University, the University of Chicago,[20] the University of Virginia, Georgetown University, New York University,[21] and Wellesley College has been publicly acknowledged, if anonymously and circumspectly, since the 19th century.[22][23]


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It is of immense significance to notice with what resentment this pointof view is met in certain quarters. When I first began to write onrevolution a well-known London publisher said to me, "Remember that ifyou take an anti-revolutionary line you will have the whole literaryworld against you." This appeared to me extraordinary. Why should theliterary world sympathize with a movement which from the FrenchRevolution onwards has always been directed against literature, art, andscience, and has openly proclaimed its aim to exalt the manual workersover the intelligentsia? "Writers must be proscribed as the mostdangerous enemies of the people," said Robespierre; his colleague Dumassaid all clever men should be guillotined. "The system of persecutionagainst men of talents was organized.... They cried out in the sectionsof Paris, 'Beware of that man for he has written a book!'"1 Preciselythe same policy has been followed in Russia. Under Moderate Socialism inGermany the professors, not the "people," are starving in garrets. Yetthe whole press of our country is permeated with subversive influences.Not merely in partisan works, but in manuals of history or literaturefor use in Schools, Burke is reproached for warning us against theFrench Revolution and Carlyle's panegyric is applauded. And whilst everyslip on the part of an anti-revolutionary writer is seized on by thecritics and held up as an example of the whole, the most glaring errorsnot only of conclusions but of facts pass unchallenged if they happen tobe committed by a partisan of the movement. The principle laid down byCollot d'Herbois still holds good: "Tout est permis pour quiconque agitdans le sens de la révolution."

The East is the cradle of secret societies. For whatever end they mayhave been employed, the inspiration and methods of most of thosemysterious associations which have played so important a part behind thescenes of the world's history will be found to have emanated from thelands where the first recorded acts of the great human drama were playedout--Egypt, Babylon, Syria, and Persia. On the one hand Easternmysticism, on the other Oriental love of intrigue, framed the systemslater on to be transported to the West with results so tremendous andfar-reaching.

Our Lord and Saviour is "that one," "such a one," "a fool," "the leper," "the deceiver of Israel," etc. Efforts are made to prove that He is the son of Joseph Pandira before his marriage with Mary. His miracles are attributed to sorcery, the secret of which He brought in a slit in His flesh out of Egypt. He is said to have been first stoned and then hanged on the eve of the Passover. His disciples are called heretics and opprobrious names. They are accused of immoral practices, and the New Testament is called a sinful book. The references to these subjects manifest the most bitter aversion and hatred.75

However repugnant it is to transcribe any portion of this blasphemouswork, its main outline must be given here in order to trace thesubsequent course of the anti-Christian secret tradition in which, as weshall see, it has been perpetuated up to our own day. Briefly, then, theToledot Yeshu relates with the most indecent details that Miriam, ahairdresser of Bethlehem,86 affianced to a young man named Jochanan,was seduced by a libertine, Joseph Panther or Pandira, and gave birth toa son whom she named Johosuah or Jeschu. According to the Talmudicauthors of the Sota and the Sanhedrim, Jeschu was taken during hisboyhood to Egypt, where he was initiated into the secret doctrines ofthe priests, and on his return to Palestine gave himself up to thepractice of magic.87 The Toledot Yeshu, however, goes on to say thaton reaching manhood Jeschu learnt the secret of his illegitimacy, onaccount of which he was driven out of the Synagogue and took refuge fora time in Galilee. Now, there was in the Temple a stone on which wasengraved the Tetragrammaton or Schem Hamphorasch, that is to say, theIneffable Name of God; this stone had been found by King David when thefoundations of the Temple were being prepared and was deposited by himin the Holy of Holies. Jeschu, knowing this, came from Galilee and,penetrating into the Holy of Holies, read the Ineffable Name, which hetranscribed on to a piece of parchment and concealed in an incisionunder his skin. By this means he was able to work miracles and topersuade the people that he was the son of God foretold by Isaiah. Withthe aid of Judas, the Sages of the Synagogue succeeded in capturingJeschu, who was then led before the Great and Little Sanhedrim, by whomhe was condemned to be stoned to death and finally hanged.

A subtler device for discrediting Christianity and undermining belief inthe divine character of our Lord has been adopted by modern writers,principally Jewish, who set out to prove that He belonged to the sect ofthe Essenes, a community of ascetics holding all goods in common, whichhad existed in Palestine before the birth of Christ. Thus the Jewishhistorian Graetz declares that Jesus simply appropriated to himself theessential features of Essenism, and that primitive Christianity was"nothing but an offshoot of Essenism."95 The Christian Jew Dr.Ginsburg partially endorses this view in a small pamphlet96 containingmost of the evidence that has been brought forward on the subject, andhimself expresses the opinion that "it will hardly be doubted that ourSaviour Himself belonged to this holy brotherhood."97 So afterrepresenting Christ as a magician in the Toledot Yeshu and the Talmud,Jewish tradition seeks to explain His miraculous works as those of amere healer--an idea that we shall find descending right through thesecret societies to this day. Of course if this were true, if themiracles of Christ were simply due to a knowledge of natural laws andHis doctrines were the outcome of a sect, the whole theory of His divinepower and mission falls to the ground. This is why it is essential toexpose the fallacies and even the bad faith on which the attempt toidentify Him with the Essenes is based.

I quote this passage at length because it is of immense importance inthrowing a light on the organization of modern secret societies. It doesnot matter what the end may be, whether political, social, or religious,the system remains the same--the setting in motion of a vast number ofpeople and making them work in a cause unknown to them. That this wasthe method adopted by Weishaupt in organizing the Illuminati and that itcame to him from the East will be shown later on. We shall now see howthe system of the philosopher Abdullah paved the way for bloodshed bythe most terrible sect the world had ever seen.

In order to stimulate the energy of the Fadais, who were required tocarry out these crimes, the superiors of the Order had recourse to aningenious system of delusion. Throughout the territory occupied by theAssassins were exquisite gardens with fruit trees, bowers of roses, andsparkling streams. Here were arranged luxurious resting-places withPersian carpets and soft divans, around which hovered black-eyed"houris" bearing wine in gold and silver drinking-vessels, whilst softmusic mingled with the murmuring water and the song of birds. The youngman whom the Assassins desired to train for a career of crime wasintroduced to the Grand Master of the Order and intoxicated withhaschisch--hence the name "Hashishiyīn" applied to the sect, fromwhich the word assassin is derived. Under the brief spell ofunconsciousness induced by this seductive drug the prospective Fadai wasthen carried into the garden, where on awaking he believed himself to bein Paradise. After enjoying all its delights he was given a fresh doseof the opiate, and, once more unconscious, was transported back to thepresence of the Grand Master, who assured him that he had never left hisside but had merely experienced a foretaste of the Paradise that awaitedhim if he obeyed the orders of his chiefs. The neophyte, thus spurred onby the belief that he was carrying out the commands of the Prophet, whowould reward him with eternal bliss, eagerly entered into the schemeslaid down for him and devoted his life to murder. Thus by the lure ofParadise the Assassins enlisted instruments for their criminal work andestablished a system of organized murder on a basis of religiousfervour. "'Nothing is true and all is allowed' was the ground of theirsecret doctrine, which, however, being imparted but to few and concealedunder the veil of the most austere religionism and piety, restrained themind under the yoke of blind obedience."134 To the outside world allthis remained a profound mystery; fidelity to Islam was proclaimed asthe fundamental doctrine of the sect, and when the envoy of Sultan Sajarwas sent to collect information on the religious beliefs of the Order hewas met with the assurance: "We believe in the unity of God, andconsider that only as true wisdom which accords with His word and thecommands of the prophet." 041b061a72


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