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License keys are a vital tool to ensure the correct usage of your software. Keys secure programs so that only permitted users who have been granted access can use the software. For this reason, software licenses are beneficial to both developers and users of the product:

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A "license key generator" can refer to two things: Today, a License Key Generator usually refers to a random char generator used by a software vendor to associate license entitlements with that string, which is then is distributed to a customer / end user. It can also refer to a (now archaic) brute forcing tool that would allow a person to circumvent the software licensing mechanism designed around partial key verification. More on PKV later.

Key generators are unlikely to have any success cracking software using license keys generated by license servers. This is because the key itself is just a string, generated randomly, and stores no information on its own. It is generally perceived to be a more robust solution to software licensing, immune to license key generators!

Over on the EEVBlog forums a group has been working on hacking another Rigol, the MSO5000, a 70 MHz oscilloscope which can be upgraded to 350 MHz via software licensing. Various other features including a two channel, 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator are also built-in, but locked out unless a license key is purchased. The group have managed to enable all the locked options without license keys.

I personally know no one in (private) possession of an un-hacked Rigol scope or an un-hacked Flir E4. I also see absolutely no reason not to do it.Except strictly commercial use of the product.If I make money with a tool/software or whatever its a question of honour for me to pay for it proper.

The advantage of using mathematics to generate a random number(sequence) is that it is REPEATABLE. This is importantfor the following reason: debugging a program. Imagine theproblems you already have finding errors in your code. Whatwould happen if the "path" (or program flow) was different(random) every time? Debugging would be a nightmare! At theend of the day, the programmer wants the same sequence ofrandom numbers every time, but the user may require adifferent sequence. To generate a different sequence ofrandom numbers we use a "seeding" function. For the purposesof this course, you will most likley not need to "seed" yourrandom number generator. 350c69d7ab


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