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Fendi Belt Serial Number Check

Fendi is an Italian brand best known for its high-end clothes, scarves and handbags. Fendi bags are lightweight and fashionable, and some even come equipped with hidden compartments. Because Fendi is a well-known high-end brand, some shops, websites and street vendors counterfeit the products. Authentic Fendi products come with an authenticity card, which has a serial number attached. If you want to validate whether your item is authentic, you can check a Fendi serial number by contacting the company.

Fendi Belt Serial Number Check

Red Fendi belt has been restored on the outside by tinting it red, the interior was not painted since the serial number and the Fendí authenticity mark would be erased, They are in fairly good condition, they have a very nice intense red color only The double f of the buckle has fallen off, as can be seen in the photos that one is red and the other is gold, and holes have also been added. 350c69d7ab


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