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Where To Buy Chicken Cutlets

While it may have a fancy name, a chicken cutlet is just a thin chicken breast piece. You can buy pre-sliced chicken cutlets in the store or make your own by slicing a chicken breast in half to make thinner pieces.

where to buy chicken cutlets

This recipe for Crispy Italian Breaded Chicken Cutlets is the best you'll ever have! Thin slices of chicken breast are breaded with a homemade seasoned breadcrumb mixture then pan fried in extra virgin olive oil to get super crispy and flavorful.

Here in New Jersey, Italian breaded chicken cutlets are a staple. We put them on sandwiches, smother them in mozzarella and tomato sauce for chicken parm, serve them with a lemony arugula salad for Chicken Milanese, and I personally like to eat them cold, straight out of the refrigerator, with my hands.

This recipe for Italian breaded Chicken Cutlets is the BEST you'll ever have! There a few key secrets to getting that crispy outer coating just right. Turn them into chicken parm, or my favorite, chicken Milanese!

I feel the need to leave a comment, which I've never done on a food blog before. I used this recipe randomly the first time I made chicken cutlets for my Italian husband, and they were a huge hit. I've used this recipe 3 or 4 times since and they always come out amazing! I thank you for making me know what I'm doing with this Italian specialty!

I'm in NYC and you're right--theres something different about our chicken cutlets in the tri-state! I couldn't find a recipe I liked. But when I saw that you're in Jersey and also like to be able to just pull a cold chicken cutlet out of the fridge for a snack (lol), I knew I had to try it. And I'm so glad I did! Hands down the best chicken cutlet recipe I've tried. I'm using it for our chicken parm tonight and for chicken caprese sandwiches during the week. Thanks so much!

Absolutely the BEST chicken cutlet recipe ever!!! I live in North Jersey and this tastes exactly like the chicken cutlets from my favorite salumeria. I have been trying to figure out their recipe for years!!!! This is amazing.. thank you for sharing .

WOW! These were AMAZING! Adding parmesan to the egg wash is GENIUS! So is prepping the chicken and sticking back in fridge to let it all SET! This will be the only recipe I will use going forward! THANK YOU!!! SO GOOD!

Like all the other comments, these were the best chicken "schnitzel' I've ever had. I threw crispy fried onions in the food processor and used one cup in place of one of the cups of bread crumbs, It's the first time the breading didn't come off in the oil or as I was moving them to the plate and I've been grappling with that problem for years! I made enough for two meals hoping to freeze a batch, but my family ate every last bite. Have you tried freezing these?

I made this almost exactly as written, the only difference is that I was in a hurry and toasted 4 pieces of bread and tore into small pieces and these cutlets totally melted in my mouth! Since I used chicken breasts out of a bag of frozen chicken, I didn't expect them to be so tender and perfect! Will be making these a lot!!

These really ARE the best-ever chicken cutlets! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. My family just enjoyed it on Friday evening after a really long and tough week for everyone, and it made everyone smile. Great lead-in to the weekend. I can't wait to try some of your other recipes. Thanks again

I'm no cook but I've tried this like ten times now and we love it. I follow 90 percent of the instructions. we put adobo on the raw chicken, a hint of lemon pepper, and a hint of oregano but the rest follow the recipe. When I have everything set up my 16-year-old son insist I can't cook and adds stuff, paprika which he insists helps, Anyway, we have a lot of fun and we've gotten better. Thanks! Mike Donovan

I was going to try your recipe tonight. Making chicken parm. But I am out of parmesan cheese. would you say the cheese is a must in the egg mixture? or could I skip the parmesan? Only have the mozzarella on hand.

A chicken cutlet is a thin piece of a chicken breast. Cutlets can be purchased but are easy to prepare with whole chicken breasts too. Since chicken cutlets are thinner and generally more even they cook quickly and evenly!

Add a slice of lemon on the side dresses them up for the grownups in the room, or serve them with buffalo sauce, or honey mustard dressing. For a similar baked-not-fried version try this crispy parmesan crusted chicken.

I love cooking chicken breasts this way, it is a quick and easy way to add flavour to what can be a very bland piece of chicken. There is also a way to add even more flavour to this dish, simply replace the egg wash with mayonnaise before dredging in the breadcrumbs. It adds extra taste to the end result. You can also use something such as Miracle Whip or similar preparation. This is also a way out for times you plan to make this but discover you are out of eggs!

Our Meatless Chicken Fillets taste fantastic simmered in your favorite sauce or rubbed with a generous pinch of herbs and spices as a great alternative to chicken breasts. These vegetarian chicken fillets are quick to cook too, so they're perfect for those midweek meatless meals where you've got more hungry mouths to feed than minutes to spare. Quorn Meatless ChiQin Fillets also have 60 calories and 9g of protein per serving.

Plain pasta and leafy salads are fine on their own, but an easy way to dress up your meals is by frying up a few crispy pieces of chicken cutlet. The base of many popular Italian-American dishes like chicken Parmesan and chicken Marsala, chicken cutlets are easy to make and require less oil than fully fried chicken, making them a little lighter than most fried foods. And you can use chicken cutlets countless ways: with ramen, like a chicken katsu, with spaetzle, like a schnitzel, or covered in marinara, like the classic Italian dish we all know and love.

This recipe by Michelle McGlinn offers an easy base recipe to use or riff on for any dish from pastas to salads and takes less than 20 minutes to make (yes, really!) Plus, it saves well, making it the perfect meal prep protein, too. Check out our tips and tricks for getting that perfectly crispy chicken cutlet below.

Chicken cutlets are from the breasts of the chicken and are cut thin for easy frying. Most grocery stores will stock chicken cutlets sliced by the butcher, but if you can't find any, you can buy regular chicken breasts and cut them yourself. Once you have thin chicken cutlets ready, you'll just need all-purpose flour, cornstarch, and eggs to dredge with before coating in breadcrumbs.

You can opt for your favorite seasoned breadcrumbs, but if using plain, you'll need garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper to give the breading a little bit of flavor. Once the cutlets are dredged and breaded, you'll need enough oil to fill a skillet about -inch deep to fry in. After frying, sprinkle some flaky sea salt on top.

Once you slice the chicken, place it between two pieces of plastic wrap and pound it to an even thickness. Use anything heavy, like a cast-iron skillet or a sturdy bowl. Aim for a thickness of about -inch.

Line up three plates or bowls to use for dredging the chicken. You don't need to use giant bowls for this; any surface, even a cutting board, is fine. Spread out the flour on one surface and whisk in the cornstarch. Cornstarch is the secret to crispy chicken here. The cornstarch, paired with flour, absorbs the chicken's moisture and allows the breading to crisp in the oil.

Pat each chicken slice dry, then coat in the flour mixture until covered. Shake the excess, then dredge in egg until moist. Again, shake the excess, then coat in breadcrumbs, pressing the breading into the chicken. You can prep all of the chicken first before frying, but it may be more efficient to start frying while you dredge, especially if you have a small pan. Fill the skillet with enough oil to cover about half of the cutlet, then heat the oil to 350 F. If you don't have a thermometer, stick a wooden chopstick into the oil until the tip touches the bottom. If bubbles rapidly form from the tip, the oil is ready.

It's well worth frying a whole pound of cutlets at once because you can store them and use them for up to a week. These reheat quickly in the microwave if you don't mind losing some crisp, but to preserve the crispy exterior, pop a piece in the oven and heat at 350 F until crispy and heated through. Use these cutlets on salads, on top of creamy Alfredo, or on their own with a side of greens and potatoes. You can also transform these cutlets into chicken Parmesan by topping with mozzarella and marinara, or make a crispy chicken piccata by whisking together a lemony sauce. The uses for crispy chicken cutlets are endless, and with just 20 minutes, you can prep a delicious protein to use for meals throughout the week.

Italian chicken cutlets are a classic Italian favorite. Adults and children will love these tasty cutlets that are excellent with a salad - like this refreshing Mediterranean Cucumber Salad or a warm veggie side like these Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots.

Quite inexpensive, this chicken cutlet recipe is so versatile you'll want to be making them all the time. Once fried, slice thinly and top a salad for a quick lunch. Or pop into a sandwich with a dollop of nut free pesto and a few slices of roasted peppers. YUM!

The success of this chicken cutlet recipe relies on thin cutlets and learning to cut chicken breast into cutlets is essential but easy. You'll need a sharp knife, patience and practice. Just hold the chicken breast flat with the palm of your hand and with the other hand slice through the middle.

Don't be overzealous when pounding or the meat will tear. This will still be delicious but just not as pretty. What you are looking for is the same thickness so that the Italian chicken cutlets cook evenly.

Greetings, Marcellina! I made this recipe exactly as written, no changes.. it came out exceptional! I agree with the reviewer who mentioned the wine as being instrumental for the flavor, I've never made cutlets before with it, but will from now on, using only this recipe. Like, for the rest of my life! Lol.So, I served this with homemade orecchiette/Alfredo sauce, and fresh tomato salad.. delicious dinner, and very colorful presentation.. Thank you!!! 041b061a72


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