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another feature of the game is the co-op, which was introduced in spv2. unlike the single player, co-op is a real 'challenge' mode that is enabled by default. the co-op campaign is split into two campaigns, the primary one being the original halo multiplayer campaign. the two campaigns are linked through the use of the codenames "blackthorne" and "sandtrap", which are mentioned during dialogue. the story in the co-op campaign is centred on these codenames, with the main character being the master chief. the campaign is set just after the events of halo 2 and focuses on the story of humanity's first contact with the covenant, instead of humanity's first conflict with the unsc. the campaign is still set on the events of the various halo games with the covenant as the main antagonist, but with a different focus and the player takes control of a new character.

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the covenant are gone from the game, but the unsc are still present and play a big part in the story. they are still under the leadership of william forge, the same as in halo 2, however they are portrayed as a more modern, 'hippie' organisation. the unsc's equipment and technology are more up to date and the armour abilities more advanced. the covenant's resistance is now known as the prometheans, while the covenant elite are still a part of the story but are less of a threat and have taken a back seat to the prometheans. the covenant's arbiter is also a major antagonist and has been added to the story as well.

the character models have been completely overhauled and can be seen in the gallery section above. the number of classes has also increased and are now split into 3 different types: assault, bounty hunter and tank. each class has a light version and a heavy version of their weapon and armour sets. the armour is now more like the halo 3/halo 2 set, with emphasis on lower body armour and more protection. this is in stark contrast to the armour that the unsc has, which is much more sci-fi like. the covenant's armour has received a similar overhaul and they have adopted a more militaristic look. the promethean armour is also very similar to the covenant in appearance.


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