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3D Sex Villa 2: Hustler 3D __TOP__

* "Il Postino" ("The Postman"), directed by Michael Radford. Chilean poet Pablo Neruda spends a period of exile in an Italian fishing village, making friends with a poor postman who finds magic in the literary world he's discovering for the first time. Philippe Noiret and the late Massimo Troisi give standout performances in this quietly moving tale, which is also a cogent exploration of the relationship between nature and culture in a slowly modernizing European town.

3D Sex Villa 2: Hustler 3D

* "Richard III," directed by Richard Loncraine, and "Othello," directed by Oliver Parker. The former makes Shakespeare's greatest villain a 20th-century fascist, and the latter goes multicultural with a strikingly international cast. Ian McKellan is a scary and spellbinding Richard, and Kenneth Branagh's insidious Iago is the best achievement of his screen career.

** Jim Carroll's autobiographical book is a largely amoral account of his life as a street hustler, narcotics addict, and high-school athletic star. Scott Kalvert's movie adds a kicking-the-habit sequence to give the impression that it's an antidrug story, but the results are more sleazy than insightful. Leonardo DiCaprio heads a generally excellent cast. V S N P

** As usual, the Caped Crusader (Val Kilmer) is less fun to watch than the villains he's chasing, especially the maniacal Riddler, played by Jim Carrey in a zany performance that's over the top even by his lofty standard. Tommy Lee Jones tries to match him as Two-Face, but quickly falls behind, and Nicole Kidman is fetching as the psychologist who tries to help our hero get in touch with his repressed memories. Directed by Joel Schumacher with occasional gestures toward social commentary, and enough spectacle to mask the movie's deep down emptiness. V

* Three related tales rooted in Macedonia's current political strife. The first deals with a young monk and an Albanian runaway; the second with a Macedonian photojournalist and his British lover; the third follows the photojournalist back to his native village. The subjects are interesting, but Milcho Manchevski's filmmaking is too disjointed. S V P

** Three women start on a cross-country trip, hoping for a better life: a gay singer, a businesswoman diagnosed with AIDS, and a hustler who's just killed her abusive boyfriend. The movie tries to outdo "Thelma and Louise" by upping the number of heroines, but it lacks the moral seriousness to tackle its sensitive material. Herbert Ross directed. N P V S

** The place is an Irish village in 1957, and the heroines are three young women negotiating the twists and turns of love, friendship, and family relations. Pat O'Connor directed this likable but unmemorable comedy-drama, which creates some vivid moments without quite managing to flesh out its commonplace characters. V S P 076b4e4f54

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