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Boost Your Arena Performance with Overwolf Hearthstone Arena Tool

Heartharena is great, I love using it and think it is a great learning tool for players picking up the game type. Windows has a draft overlay that is awesome. I know there is a decent community of hearthstone players that use mac and would also use the tool if it were available to us.

Hi, I was having the same issue too. I tried every method including reinstall the game but still the same. Recently I tried to close those apps linked to my hearthstone such as deck tracker or arena assistant then the game wont stuck at starting screen. For my case, its Overwolf app. It auto launch while I turn on PC, so I tried to restart PC, close the app (Overwolf) before I launch Hearthstone then only start Hearthstone. It might load for some time too but it will load successfully. Hope this helps you guys.

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