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Alex Reece - Jazz Master (DJ Krust Remix) REPACK

Brad Beatnik from the magazine's RM Dance Update rated it four out of five, adding that the producer "makes his Blunted debut with a rich, atmospheric tune. The remix makes the most of the strings and organ feel, the original uses less of the Bjork-like vocal over more minimal drum and bass beats."[8] Upon the 1996 re-release, the magazine's Sarah Davis said, "It was an astute choice as a single, encapsulating Reece's warm sound, and its hints of house and use of vocals made it radio-friendly."[9] Calvin Bush from Muzik commented, "YES, he really is worth all the purple prose and exaggerated metaphors! After what seems like eons, Reece finally delivers his major label debut and the phrases "bloody essential" and "stick this in your jazz pipe and smoke it, son" spring to mind."[10] John Perry from NME noted "the divine summer breeze" of the song, stating that Reece "breakbeats his insistently over low-rent electro squiggles and honey-dripping vocals drape like velvet over a chaise longue. Reece has rubbed all the dirt from the surface of harcore and polished it until it reflects the sun."[11]

Alex Reece - Jazz Master (DJ Krust Remix)



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