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Luke Mitchell Naked In Performance Anxiety

hansel and gretel - now running for six years, rule of 7x7 is an ongoing series that premieres 7 new short plays by 7 writers. for each round of 7x7, each writer devises one rule & then each creates a new short play incorporating all 7 rules.. performed on zoom, streamed on youtube. hosted & produced by brett epstein. click here mystery box - a special broadway benefit reading starring mary testa, wesley taylor, dakin matthews, and helen cespedes. click here saving wonderland (presented by seize the show) - what happened to wonderland after alice returned home find out in seize the show's exciting step forward in live performance gaming. in this innovative new adventure, the audience is plunged back down the rabbit hole as alice herself, choosing the direction of the story in this fantastical re-thinking of the popular classic. filled with beloved characters and mind-bending puzzles, the familiar turns peculiar as you search for missing gears from the white rabbit's watch in order to restore order to wonderland and help save the day.a new, family-friendly adventure like you've never experienced it before - live, interactive and in real time! with numerous possible endings, your choices control the story and guide the action to turn back the hands of time over and over and over again. click here

luke mitchell naked in performance anxiety


party at the end of the world - let's party until the world ends! all we have to fear: party at the end of the world is a new, online, immersive show featuring mysteries, ancient gods stranded on earth, and the most rambunctious, out of their depth, partiers this side of a dionysus-fueled rager. join us from the comfort of your own couch. all we have to fear is hosted on, an 8-bit style video hosting site. audience requirements include a laptop or desktop with audio and video streaming as well as firefox or chrome. headphones are also required. click here 7:30 pman evening of quentin crisp : a celebration of life in his own words! - quentin crisp's literary and estate executor phillip ward invites you to a night of celebration to commemorate the legendary life of quentin crisp on the twenty-first anniversary of his passing. an evening of quentin crisp : a celebration of life in his own words! from the gene frankel theatre, and in collaboration with gail thacker and sur rodney sur, is presented by 24 bond arts center with the gene frankel theatre and crisperanto: the quentin crisp archives. there will be special guests reading excerpts from mr. crisp's posthumous books, the last word: an autobiography and and one more thing. also, there will be excerpts from his one-person show an evening with quentin crisp and from his first memoir the naked civil servant. all proceeds of an evening of quentin crisp : a celebration of life in his own words! will benefit the gene frankel theatre and 24 bond arts center. click here


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