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L%27arc En Ciel 20th Anniversary Mp3 Download

Ending their live show hiatus on January 1, 2011, L'Arc-en-Ciel celebrated both their 20th anniversary and the New Year with the midnight concert L'A Happy New Year! at Makuhari Messe. On February 16, they released the compilation album Twenity,[35] which consists of three parts: Twenity 1991-1996, Twenity 1997-1999, and Twenity 2000-2010. The albums are an all-around "best of" collection of the band, covering everything from the formation of the group, including their hit singles up to their newest works. A box set entitled Twenity Box was later released on March 9 and contains all three of the albums. It also came with a special digest DVD that covered the 20-year history of the band, a deluxe booklet, and a special music box that contained either "Flower", "Anata", "New World", or "My Heart Draws a Dream" at random.

L%27arc En Ciel 20th Anniversary Mp3 Download



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