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Firmware 2 2 Update Zte Mf 190

For this problem seems indifferent the updating of the usb_modeswitch database (and neither did manual updates to the latest version of modemmanager, eventually discarded to avoid conflicts with my current version of ubuntu).

Firmware 2 2 Update Zte Mf 190

About 11.10 the only change is that the pin ask (on sim) is disabled now. I do not know if it has installed any software updates (I'm using 11.04 so I'm not sure). If no other reason the failure was due to mismanagement of the unlocking pin. Regards.

Hi, yes: use of gnome-ppp/wvdial instead of modemmanager (i.e. disable mobile broadband on networkmanager applet). With a direct dialer and correct ttyUSB port, the modem's response is immediate as the LED changes from red to flashing green. Anyway it seems already fixed in later versions -correct me if I'm wrong- (I'm still using 11.04, I usually update once a year). Regards.

I suspect what is likely required here is either that these values are plain wrong, or as a more likely scenario your device uses a different firmware version than what was tested and lists its ports in a different order.


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