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How Coming Out Changed Ellie's Life: An LA Lovers Book by Jourdyn Kelly

Coming Out: An LA Lovers Book by Jourdyn Kelly

A Sweet Lesbian Romance with a Twist

Do you love stories that make you laugh, cry, and swoon? Do you enjoy reading about strong women who find their true selves and their true loves? If so, you might want to check out Coming Out, an LA Lovers book by Jourdyn Kelly. This book is a sweet lesbian romance with a twist of mystery, suspense, and drama. It tells the story of Ellie Montgomery, a mother, a best friend, and a baker who has a secret that she has never revealed to anyone. It also tells the story of Hunter Vale, a doctor who has a dark past that she wants to forget. When these two women meet at Ellie's diner, they feel an instant attraction that changes their lives forever. But will their love survive the obstacles that come their way?

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Coming Out is the second book in the LA Lovers series by Jourdyn Kelly, but it can be read as a standalone. It is a full-length novel with 522 pages and 202 ratings on Amazon. It was also a finalist in the Fiction: LGBTQ category of the 2018 International Book Awards. If you are looking for a lesbian romance that will keep you hooked from start to finish, you might want to give this book a try.


In this article, we will review Coming Out by Jourdyn Kelly and discuss its plot, characters, themes, and style. We will also share our opinion on the book and whether we recommend it to other readers. We hope that this article will help you decide if this book is right for you or not.

Ellie Montgomery: A Secret Soul

Ellie Montgomery is one of the main characters of Coming Out. She is a 38-year-old woman who lives in Los Angeles with her teenage daughter, Maddie. She is also a best friend to Lena, who owns a successful PR firm. Ellie works as a baker at her own diner, where she makes delicious desserts that everyone loves. She seems to have a good life, but she also has a secret that she has never told anyone.

Ellie is gay. She has known it since she was young, but she has never acted on it. She married her high school sweetheart, Matt, who was also gay but closeted. They had Maddie together, but they divorced when Maddie was six. They remained friends and co-parents, but they never told anyone the truth about their marriage. Ellie decided to hide her sexuality for the sake of her daughter and her reputation. She didn't want to face the judgment and rejection of her conservative family and society. She also didn't want to risk losing her customers and her business. She thought that she could live without love, as long as she had her daughter and her friend.

But Ellie was wrong. She felt lonely and unfulfilled. She craved intimacy and romance. She wanted to be herself and to be loved for who she was. She wanted to come out of the closet, but she didn't know how or when. She was afraid of the consequences and the changes that it would bring. She was stuck in a rut, until she met Hunter.

Hunter Vale: A Burnt Out Doctor

Hunter Vale is the other main character of Coming Out. She is a 35-year-old woman who works as a doctor at a hospital in Los Angeles. She is a brilliant and dedicated professional, who has saved many lives and earned many awards. She is also a lesbian, who is out and proud. She has dated many women, but she has never found the one. She doesn't believe in love or commitment. She only believes in fun and pleasure.

Hunter's life changed when she witnessed a tragic accident that killed her colleague and friend, Sam. Sam was also her lover, but they had a casual and secret relationship. Hunter blamed herself for Sam's death, because she was driving the car that crashed. She also felt guilty for cheating on Sam with another woman, who was also in the car and survived. Hunter was traumatized by the incident, and she started to question her life and career. She felt burnt out and unhappy. She wanted to escape from her pain and guilt, but she didn't know how or where. She was lost, until she met Ellie.

A Chance Encounter at Ellie's Diner

Ellie and Hunter met by chance at Ellie's diner, where Hunter stopped for a coffee one morning. They felt an immediate attraction and chemistry, that neither of them could explain or ignore. Hunter was drawn to Ellie's beauty, warmth, and sweetness. Ellie was drawn to Hunter's confidence, charisma, and sexiness. They exchanged smiles, glances, and words, that made them feel something they had never felt before.

Hunter decided to pursue Ellie, and asked her out for a date. Ellie was surprised and flattered, but also scared and confused. She had never dated a woman before, and she didn't know if she was ready or not. She also didn't know if Hunter was serious or not, or if she could trust her or not. But she couldn't deny her curiosity and desire, so she agreed to give it a try.

Ellie and Hunter started to see each other, and they discovered that they had a lot in common. They both loved music, movies, books, and food. They both had a sense of humor, a sense of adventure, and a sense of compassion. They also discovered that they had a lot of differences. Hunter was outgoing, bold, and spontaneous. Ellie was shy, cautious, and reserved. Hunter was open, honest, and direct. Ellie was secretive, polite, and indirect. Hunter was experienced, adventurous, and passionate. Ellie was inexperienced, nervous, and tender.

But these differences only made them more attracted to each other. They complemented each other's strengths and weaknesses. They challenged each other's views and beliefs. They taught each other new things and new ways of living. They made each other laugh, cry, and moan.

A Sweet Romance with a Dark Past

Ellie and Hunter fell in love with each other, and they enjoyed their romance. They went on dates, they cuddled on the couch, they kissed in the park, they made love in the bedroom. They met each other's friends and family (except for Ellie's parents), who supported their relationship (except for Lena). They shared their dreams and fears (except for Ellie's secret), who understood their feelings (except for Hunter). They were happy together (except for some doubts).

But their happiness was not meant to last long. Hunter's past came back to haunt them, in the form of a mysterious stalker who threatened their safety and their future. The stalker knew about Hunter's affair with Sam, and wanted to expose it to the world. The stalker also knew about Ellie's secret, and wanted to ruin it for her daughter.

Ellie and Hunter faced their challenges together, and tried to overcome them with courage and trust. They also faced their own issues, and tried to resolve them with honesty and love. They realized that they had to come out of their own closets, and face the truth about themselves and each other.


Coming Out is a book that will touch your heart and make you feel all kinds of emotions. It is a book that explores the themes of love, identity, acceptance, and courage. It is a book that shows the struggles and joys of being gay in a heteronormative society. It is a book that celebrates the diversity and beauty of human relationships. It is a book that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon.

The book is well-written, with engaging characters, realistic dialogue, and vivid descriptions. The plot is fast-paced, with twists and turns that keep you hooked. The romance is sweet, with steamy scenes that make you blush. The drama is intense, with suspenseful moments that make you gasp. The book is not perfect, though. It has some flaws, such as some clichés, some typos, and some inconsistencies. But these flaws are minor, and do not affect the overall quality of the book.

We recommend this book to readers who like lesbian romance, drama, and suspense. We think that this book will appeal to fans of Sarah Waters, Radclyffe, and Melissa Brayden. We also think that this book will inspire readers to be themselves and to love themselves. We hope that you will enjoy this book as much as we did.


  • Q: Is this book part of a series?

  • A: Yes, this book is part of the LA Lovers series by Jourdyn Kelly. It is the second book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone.

  • Q: Where can I buy this book?

  • A: You can buy this book on as a Kindle ebook or a paperback. You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

  • Q: How can I contact the author?

  • A: You can contact the author through her website (, her Facebook page (, or her Twitter account (@jourdynkelly).

  • Q: Are there any other books by this author?

  • A: Yes, there are other books by this author. You can check out her other series, such as Something About Eve, Water's Edge, and Requiem for Immortals.

  • Q: What are some similar books to this one?

  • A: Some similar books to this one are Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, Passion's Bright Fury by Radclyffe, and Kiss the Girl by Melissa Brayden.



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