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Rakshak Full Movie Hd 1080p: A Review of the 1996 Bollywood Action Thriller


If you are a fan of Bollywood action movies, you might have heard of or watched Rakshak, a 1996 film starring Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, and Raghuvaran. Directed and produced by Ashok Honda, Rakshak is a remake of the Tamil film Honest Raj, which was released in 1994. Rakshak is a story of friendship, betrayal, revenge, and justice, set in the backdrop of fake currency racketeering. The movie has some memorable songs, thrilling action scenes, and intense performances by some of the actors. However, it also suffers from some flaws, such as excessive violence, weak plot, and poor acting by some of the actors. In this article, we will review Rakshak full movie hd 1080p and see what makes it an entertaining or disappointing watch.

Rakshak Full Movie Hd 1080p

Rakshak Movie Plot

The Beginning

The movie starts with ASP Raj Sinha (Suniel Shetty) lying in coma with Dr.Pooja Malhotra (Sonali Bendre) attending him. As Raj comes out of coma, his enemies send Tanya (Ponnambalam) to finish him. However, Raj fights back and escapes from the hospital. He then narrates his story to Pooja, who listens with interest.

Raj was an honest and brave police officer, who was transferred to Mumbai to tackle the crime situation. He met his childhood friend Raghavan "Raghu" (Raghuvaran), who was a criminal mastermind involved in printing and circulating fake currency notes. Raj did not know about Raghu's illegal activities and considered him as his best friend. Raj also fell in love with Suman (Karisma Kapoor), a journalist, and married her with Raghu's blessings.

The Twist

Things took a turn when Raj stumbled upon a clue that led him to Raghu's den, where he saw the fake currency printing machines and the gang members. Raj realized that Raghu had betrayed him and his country, and decided to arrest him. However, Raghu got a tip-off and escaped with his men. He then attacked Raj's house and killed his mother and wife in front of him. Raj was also shot and left for dead.

The Climax

Raj survived the attack and was taken to the hospital by Pooja, who was a friend of Suman. Pooja helped Raj recover from his physical and emotional wounds, and also developed feelings for him. Raj, on the other hand, was determined to take revenge on Raghu and his gang. He tracked them down one by one and killed them in brutal ways. He also exposed their fake currency racket to the media and the public. In the end, he confronted Raghu in a warehouse, where they had a fierce fight. Raj overpowered Raghu and handcuffed him to a bomb, which exploded and killed him. Raj then walked away with Pooja, who had come to support him.

Rakshak Movie Cast and Crew

The Actors

Rakshak featured some of the popular actors of Bollywood in the 1990s, such as Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, and Raghuvaran. Here is a brief introduction of their roles and performances in the movie.




Suniel Shetty

ASP Raj Sinha

Suniel Shetty played the lead role of Raj Sinha, an honest and brave police officer who turns into a vigilante after losing his family. He delivered a convincing performance as a man who goes through different emotions of love, friendship, betrayal, grief, anger, and revenge. He also impressed with his action skills and stunts.

Karisma Kapoor

Suman Sinha

Karisma Kapoor played the role of Suman Sinha, a journalist and Raj's wife. She had a limited screen time and did not have much scope to showcase her acting talent. She mostly appeared in romantic scenes and songs with Suniel Shetty.

Sonali Bendre

Dr.Pooja Malhotra

Sonali Bendre played the role of Dr.Pooja Malhotra, a doctor and Raj's love interest. She had a more prominent role than Karisma Kapoor and acted well as a supportive and caring woman who helps Raj recover from his trauma. She also shared a good chemistry with Suniel Shetty.


Raghavan "Raghu"

Raghuvaran played the role of Raghavan "Raghu", a criminal mastermind and Raj's childhood friend. He was the main antagonist of the movie and portrayed a ruthless and cunning villain who does not hesitate to kill anyone who comes in his way. He gave a powerful performance as a man who betrays his friend and country for money.

Raveena Tandon

A special appearance in the song 'Shehar Ki Ladki'

Raveena Tandon made a special appearance in the song 'Shehar Ki Ladki', which was one of the hit songs of the movie. She danced with Suniel Shetty in a club setting and added glamour to the song.

The Director and Producer

Ashok Honda was the director and producer of Rakshak. He was known for making action-oriented movies in Bollywood, such as Anth (1994), Judge Mujrim (1997), Krodh (2000), etc. He also worked with Suniel Shetty in several movies, such as Balwaan (1992), Krishna (1996), Shastra ( 1996), etc. He also remade some of the Tamil movies in Hindi, such as Rakshak, which was a remake of Honest Raj (1994). He died in 2012 due to a heart attack.

The Music and Lyrics

The music of Rakshak was composed by AnandMilind, a duo of brothers who were popular music directors in Bollywood in the 1990s. They composed some of the hit songs of the movie, such as 'Shehar Ki Ladki', 'Sundara Sundara', and 'Kuchi Kuchi'. The songs were sung by various singers, such as Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Sapna Mukherjee, etc. The lyrics of the songs were written by Sameer and Deepak Chowdhary, who were also well-known lyricists in Bollywood. The songs of Rakshak were catchy, melodious, and suited the mood and theme of the movie.

Rakshak Movie Reviews and Ratings

The Critical Reception

Rakshak received mixed reviews from critics on various platforms, such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. The movie was praised for its action sequences, music, and performances of Suniel Shetty and Raghuvaran. However, it was also criticized for its excessive violence, weak plot, and poor acting of Karisma Kapoor and Sonali Bendre. Here are some of the ratings and reviews of Rakshak from different sources:






"Rakshak is a typical 90's action flick with lots of violence and bloodshed. The movie has a good premise but fails to execute it properly. The plot is full of loopholes and cliches. The acting is average at best, except for Suniel Shetty and Raghuvaran who give decent performances. The music is good and the action scenes are well-choreographed. Overall, Rakshak is a watchable movie for action lovers but not for those who seek logic and realism."

Rotten Tomatoes


"Rakshak is a violent and gory remake of a Tamil film that offers little in terms of originality or creativity. The movie relies heavily on the star power of Suniel Shetty and Raghuvaran, who deliver some intense scenes but cannot save the movie from its weak script and direction. The movie also suffers from poor editing, cinematography, and sound effects. The only redeeming factors are the catchy songs and the stunning Raveena Tandon in a cameo."

Bollywood Hungama


"Rakshak is a disappointing movie that fails to live up to its expectations. The movie has a promising start but loses its grip as it progresses. The movie becomes predictable and boring after a point. The movie also has too much violence and bloodshed that may not appeal to everyone. The acting is mediocre by most of the actors, except for Suniel Shetty who does a good job as the angry cop. The music is average and the songs are not well-placed in the movie. Rakshak is a movie that can be skipped without any regret."

The Audience Response

Rakshak had a moderate box office success in India. It collected around Rs 9 crore at the domestic box office, which was not bad for a 1996 release. However, it was not among the top grossers of the year and could not compete with other big hits like Raja Hindustani, Khamoshi: The Musical, Ghatak: Lethal, etc.

Rakshak also developed a cult following among some of the action lovers and Suniel Shetty fans over the years. The movie became popular on television and online platforms, where people watched it for its thrilling action scenes and nostalgic value. Some of the scenes and dialogues of Rakshak became iconic and memorable for the 1990s generation.


Rakshak is a 1996 Bollywood action thriller that tells the story of Raj Sinha, an honest cop who turns into a vigilante after his friend Raghu betrays him and kills his family. The movie stars Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, and Raghuvaran in the lead roles. The movie is directed and produced by Ashok Honda and has music by AnandMilind. b70169992d


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